Show Me Something Else

S. K. Nicholas

Take me by the hand, and show me something else.

Places and thoughts that others dare not dream. Emotions and ways of living that are deemed strange and too obscure. Lead me away from the mundane. Let me turn my back on the masses, and let me be free. Don’t talk to me about love. Love is cheap and second hand. It’s a chemical reaction, and we cling to it with blind obedience. Love is a trick, a lie we count like sheep to help us sleep at night. It’s so easy and unfaithful, making a mockery of all who fall under its spell. And sex too. It’s nothing special. We’re just slaves to instinct. There’s no magic to be found, only loneliness and self obsession. Reproduction, is a lukewarm function. It paints a vulgar picture, of how easy we are to please. Everyone drowns in love. Everyone likes to…

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